Planet Hadea


Planet Hadea

Planet Hadea, or “First Rock,” is the 1st planet from Atlantica Sun in the Atlantica System. The planet orbits within Atlantica Federation space. Planet Hadea has 2 satellite moons: Pluton and Caldera.



  • Atmospheric Composition
    • Planet Hadea’s atmosphere has nitrogen, oxygen, carbon dioxide, helium, water vapor, and traces of sodium and potassium.
    • The oxygen on this lunar world is not breathable


  • Average Temperature
    • Hadea’s surface has an average of 470° Celsius.
    • Hadea’s proximity to the Atlantica Sun and its dense atmosphere make it the Atlantica System’s hottest planet.
  • Daytime Temperature
    • In the daytime, temperatures on Hadea’s surface can reach 500°Celsius.
  • Nighttime Temperature
    • In the nighttime, temperatures on Hadea’s surface can drop to -100° Celsius.

Planetary Ecosystem

Planet Hadea is uninhabitable on the surface but has prison colonies for hardened criminals and cave systems rumored to have bio-engineered silicon-based chimera life forms.

The planet’s surface has scorched and torrid desert landscapes.

13 Civilian Prison Colonies

There are 13 civilian prison colonies on Planet Hadea, 1 prison colony for residents of each corresponding Atlantica Federation planet and 1 prison colony for residents of non-Federation worlds. The 12 Federation prison colonies were established in 2006 CE, during the Judiciary Period of the Spaceflight Age. The 13th, Atlantica Prison Colony, was established in 2060 CE, during the Atlantica Rim Frontier Age of the Great Divergence Epoch.

The primary focus of Atlantica Federation prisons is rehabilitation. There are Low, Medium, and High Security sectors in each Hadea prison colony.

  1. Low Security Sectors
    • Prisoners can farm, harvest, and cook their own foods.
    • Religious practices within safety guidelines are allowed.
    • Unlimited recreational activity time.
    • Unlimited visitations are allowed.
    • Free medical care and education, sponsored by the Federation.
  2. Medium Security Sectors
    • Prisoners can farm and harvest their own foods. Cooking is done by androids.
    • Religious practices within safety guidelines are allowed.
    • Limited recreational activity time.
    • Limited visitations are allowed.
    • Free medical care and education, sponsored by the Federation.
  3. High Security Sectors
    • Prisoners receive food rations. Farming, harvesting, and cooking is done by androids.
    • Religious practices within safety guidelines are allowed.
    • Very limited recreational activity time.
    • Very limited visitations are allowed.
    • Free medical care and education, sponsored by the Federation.

Any prison colony escapees face prisoner recovery teams of artificially intelligent androids, scorched desert conditions above ground, silicon-based chimeras in the cave systems, and Atlantica Spacefleet officers in orbit around the planet in the singular Hadea Spaceport. Despite the numerous dangers, escape attempts are made at least once every 1 to 4 years, especially from the 13th Prison Colony, the Atlantica System Prison Colony of non-Federation residents.

  1. Emeria Major Prison Colony
  2. Emeria Minor Prison Colony
  3. Genova Prison Colony
  4. Sayon Prison Colony
  5. Atlantica Prime Prison Colony
  6. Eden Major Prison Colony
  7. Eden Minor Prison Colony
  8. Visaya Prison Colony
  9. Helion Major Prison Colony
  10. Helion Minor Prison Colony
  11. Oceana Major Prison Colony
  12. Oceana Minor Prison Colony
  13. Atlantica System Prison Colony
    • The 13th Hadean prison colony is for prisoners that were residents of non-Federation worlds.

Military Prisoners

Atlantica Federation Spacefleet prisoners and non-Federation military prisoners are held on the Pluton Moon prison colony.

Planet Hadea Moons

  1. Pluton Moon
    • Pluton Moon is used by the Atlantica Federation as a host for Federation Spacefleet and foreign military prison colonies and for Atlantica Spacefleet experimental weapons labs.
    • There are 2 prison colonies: 1 for Federation Spacefleet former officers and 1 for non-Federation military personnel.
      • Captured spies are held in the maximum security sectors.
  2. Caldera Moon
    • Caldera Moon is inhabited only by off-grid Atlantica Federation residents, mostly former Hadean and Plutonian prisoners that do not want to return to civil societies.

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