Planet Aurelia

Planet Aurelia

Planet Aurelia is a gas giant in the Atlantica System, within Pacifica Alliance space, just outside of the Atlantica Asteroid Belt.


Aurelia is a female name of Latin origin, meaning “the golden one.” It is also the name of several Tierran minor early saints, including a martyr. Most of the gas giant’s clouds are golden brown in color, as the name suggests.

Aurelia (cnidarian) is a genus of scyphozoan jellyfish, commonly called moon jellies. The symbol of Aurelian worlds is the jellyfish, as the umbrella-shaped bell represents Planet Aurelia and the trailing tentacles represent the terraformed moons of the gas giant. Planet Aurelia’s clouds are populated with atmospheric chimera jellyfish that traverse the gas giant. The size of the jellyfish can range from 0.5 inch (1 centimeter) to 75 feet (23 meters).

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