Lara (Logistical and Residential Android)

Name: Lara

Name Etymology: Logistical And Reidential Android

Aliases: Lar

Birthplace: Helion Island, Tierra, Solar System

Races: Android, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine, Nanite Machine, Neuralnet (Artifical Neural Network or ANN)

Relations: Alyssa (Sister)

Nationality: Atlantica Federation, Atlantica System

Faction: Heaven’s Disciples Enterprises


Affiliations: Atlantica Federation, Heaven’s Disciples Enterprises, Machine Collective, Tierra

Artificial Intelligence

Lara (Logistical And Residential Android) is the second hyperintelligent machine and android in the Atlantica System.



Lara (Logistical And Residential Android) is a Tierran new arrival and an artificial intelligence android created by Heaven’s Disciples Enterprises.

Origin (Atlantica Island)

Lara was created on Atlantica Island, on Planet Tierra, in the Solar System using angelic technology found on the mystical island.

Lara arrived on Atlantica Prime from Tierra’s Atlantica Island on August 4, 2111 CE.


Alyssa’s elder sibling is Alyssa (Autonomous LaYered Systems Sentient Android), also an artificial intelligence android created by Heaven’s Disciples Enterprises.

Organizations (Heaven’s Disciples Enterprises)

Lara is a member of Heaven’s Disciples Enterprises, the organization that created her.

Factions (Atlantica Federation)

Lara became the second artificial intelligence to be granted Atlantica Federation citizenship, due to her unprecedented artificial intelligence and Tierran origins.

Home Bases (Atlantica Island | Atlantica Prime)

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