Atlantica Federation

Atlantica Federation

The Atlantica Federation is an interplanetary democratic-republic federation of 12 planetary worlds that form the core of the Atlantica planetary system, within the inner Atlantica Asteroid Belt. The Atlantica Federation is the central government of the 12 core worlds, which have a hierarchy of planetary, moon and state, regional, and local governments.

Atlantica Federation Headquarters

The Atlantica Federation Headquarters is located in the Atlantica City-State on Planet Atlantica Prime. The Atlantica Headquarters is a group of buildings and bases throughout the 4 regions of the host city-state.

Atlantica Federation Government

Government Branches

Physical Location

The city-state Atlantica City, on planet Atlantica Prime, is the physical location of the Atlantica Federation central government.

Atlantican Languages

The Atlantican English language is the official language of the Atlantica Federation.

The Atlantican language is commonplace in rural areas of the Atlantica Federation planets.

Atlantica Federation Citizenship

Atlantica Federation citizenship is acquired by birthright or naturalization.

Atlantican Standards

The imperial unit system is the Atlantica Federation’s customary measurement system, but the metric unit system is the Federation’s scientific measurement system.

Atlantica Federation Economics

These are the primary or major industries for each Atlantica Federation world:

  1. Planet Emeria Major:
    • Agricultural
    • Food
    • Cultural
    • Entertainment
    • Media
  2. Planet Emeria Minor:
    • Agricultural (Medicine)
    • Biotechnology
    • Food (Local Fruits)
    • Medical
    • Pharmaceutical
  3. Planet Genova:
    • Business
    • Finance
  4. Planet Sayon:
    • Gas Mining (Helium-3)
    • Oil Mining
  5. Planet Atlantica Prime:
    • Government (Federal State)
    • Logistics
    • Security (Federal Military)
    • Technology
  6. Planet Eden:
    • Agricultural
    • Food (Corn, Local Fruits)
    • Metals and Minerals Mining
    • Raw Materials Manufacturing
    • Recycling
  7. Planet Visaya:
    • Agricultural
    • Consumer Products Manufacturing
    • Food (Rice)
  8. Planet Helion:
    • Gas Mining (Helium-3)
    • Precious Metals Mining
    • Precious Minerals Mining
  9. Planet Oceana Major:
    • Agricultural
    • Fishing
    • Food (Fish)
    • Oceanic Mining
  10. Planet Oceana Minor
    • Fishing
    • Food (Fish)
    • Oceanic Mining

Atlantica Federation History