Charis Faith

Charis Faith

The Charis Faith is a Biblical faith based upon the New Covenant Word (or New Testament Bible).

Charite-Hieron Holy War


Charis Order

  • The Charis Order is a religious order, or lineage of communities and organizations of people who live in some way set apart from society, in accordance with specific Charite principles, practices, or devotions.

Charite Councils

  • Charite High Council
  • Charite Justice Council
  • Charite Senate Council

Charite Guard

  • About
    • The Charite Guard, under the Charite High Council, is in charge of protecting the Charite faith, leadership, people, and property.
  • Charite Guards
    • Charite Guardians – Protectors of the Charite leadership on behalf of the Charis faith and in their devotion to the Lord of Hosts.
    • Charite Agents – Public and secret agents that publicly represent Charites or secretly take actions in missions on behalf of the Charis faith.
    • Charite Warriors – Protectors of the Charis faith and people in their devotion to the Lord of Hosts.
    • Charite Curators
    • Charite Trustees
      • Charite Executors and Executrixes
      • Charite Caretakers
      • Charite Custodians



  • Charites speak English, the official language of the Atlantica Federation, when speaking to outsiders.

Atlantican English

  • Charites speak Atlantican English when disguising their conversations in public or during formal ceremonies.
  • Atlantican English is also spoken frequently in casual conversations by rural Charites throughout the Atlantica System.


Secret Societies


  • Charisa Society
    • The Charisa is a the largest secret society of the Charis Faith.
  •  Etymology
    • The word “charisa” means “grace.”