Caldera Moon

Caldera Moon

Caldera Moon is 1 of the 2 moons of Planet Hadea in the Atlantica System.



  • Atmospheric Composition
    • Caldera Moon’s atmosphere has nitrogen, oxygen, carbon dioxide, helium, water vapor, and traces of sodium and potassium.
    • The oxygen on this lunar world is not breathable


  • Average Temperature
    • Caldera’s surface has an average of 170° Celsius.
  • Daytime Temperature
    • In the daytime, temperatures on Caldera’s surface can reach 430°Celsius.
  • Nighttime Temperature
    • In the nighttime, temperatures on Caldera’s surface can drop to -180° Celsius.

Natural Resources

Although Caldera Moon is uninhabitable, many space travelers brave its dangerously hot weather in order to gain wealth from the moon’s natural resources. Some miners gain wealth at the cost of various kinds of injuries.

Caldera Moon has large deposits of precious minerals left behind by volcanic eruptions.

  • The deposits of precious metals include silver, gold, platinum, and iridium.
  • The deposits of precious stones include diamonds.

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