Atlantica Federation State Agency (AFSA)

Atlantica Federation State Agency (AFSA)

The Atlantica Federation State Agency (AFSA) is the High Council-level foreign policy agency in the executive branch of the Atlantica Federation central government.

Secretary of State

The State Agency is led by the Secretary of State, 1 of the 12 Elders of the High Council who is nominated by the Chancellor and confirmed by the Congressional Senate.

The Secretary of State is the first High Council official in the order of precedence and in the federal executive line of succession to chancellorship, after the Vice Chancellor, House Speaker, and Senate Delegate.

The Secretary of State advises the Chancellor and represents the Federation in interplanetary affairs and foreign policy issues.

Atlantica Federation Embassy Spacestations (AFES)

The Atlantica Federation Embassy Spacestations (AFES) are foreign embassy spacestations that orbit host planets, moons, or planemos. These orbital embassies are the headquarters for Atlantica Federation ambassadors, diplomats, representatives, and guest officials. Embassy spacestations may have branch buildings on host worlds, called consulates, in their major cities.

Atlantica Federation Intelligence Agency (AFIA)

Atlantica Federation Intelligence Agency (AFIA) is a State Agency organization commissioned with gathering intelligence abroad for the Atlantica Federation.

The Atlantica Federation Election Commission (AFEC)

Atlantica Federation Election Commission (AFEC) is an independent regulatory Commission of the State Agency whose purpose is to oversee all Federation elections and enforce campaign finance laws.

The Commission is made up of 12 members, who are appointed by the Atlantica Federation Chancellor and confirmed by the Atlantica Federation Senate. Each member serves an 8-year term.

By law, no more than 3 Commissioners can be members of the same political party, and at least 8 votes are required for any official Commission Action.

Atlantica Federation Immigration Division (AFID)

The Atlantica Federation Immigration Division (AFID) is a State Agency organization responsible for overseeing  the immigration system and processing immigration and naturalization applications.

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