Atlantica Federation Chancellor (AFC)

Atlantica Federation Chancellor (AFC)

The Atlantica Federation Chancellor is the sole leading member of the executive branch of government, with the assistant Vice Chancellor leading the 12 world presidents and AFEMA, and the 12 Elders of the High Council representing the 12 Executive Agencies.

State of the Federation Address (SOTFA)

The current Chancellor is required to publicly address the Federation each year on July 1st in the State of the Federation Address (SOTFA).

Chancellorship Line of Succession

In the unfortunate events that the Chancellor is unable to perform his or her constitutional duties, the Atlantican Constitution outlines the Chancellorship Line of Succession. The line of in order of the–

  1. Vice Chancellor
  2. House Speaker
  3. Senate Delegate
  4. Secretary of State
  5. Secretary of Defense
  6. House Representative voted in by the House and confirmed by the Senate

Atlantica Federation History

The 12 core Atlantican planets formed the Atlantica Federation in the year 1790.

The Atlantica Prime President was chosen to be the half-term (2-year) Interim Chancellor in the same year.

He also became the first democratically elected Chancellor of the Atlantica Federation in 1792 and was re-elected for another 4 years in 1796. He retired from office at the end of his term on the New Years Eve of 1800.

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